Office Complex Surface Upgrades

1.5″ Resurfacing Overlay for Central Park I & II

The Central Park Office Complexes at 525 Central Park Drive in Oklahoma City were recently renovated and look great! In May 2019, Armor Asphalt helped to complete the upgrades by overlaying the existing asphalt surface with 1.5 inches of compacted hot mix asphalt.

Resurfacing overlays are a great and cost-effective way to dramatically improve the first impression that your customers and tenants have when entering your property.

This 220,000 square foot parking lot overlay was completed in 7 working days (excluding rain delays.) The property was divided into five sections leaving approximately 170,000 square feet of parking open to tenants during construction. Each section required some patch work to repair failed asphalt areas prior to edge milling, for smooth transitions to concrete surfaces, and applying tack coat to bond the new asphalt layer to the existing surface.

Overlays can be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to a normal business day. Armor employees will work closely with you, your tenants, and customers to create a paving plan that works well for everyone.

If your surface needs a face lift, please take a moment to fill out the form below and one of our estimators can help determine if your existing surface is a candidate for an asphalt overlay.

HOA Street Maintenance & Repair

One of the responsibilities of many homeowners associations is to ensure that their neighborhood roads are appropriately maintained. It is very important for homeowners to understand what their HOA fees are covering, and to know their money is being spent prudently.

Filling cracks, repairing potholes, and sealcoating can help protect the integrity of streets, and prolong the life of the asphalt.

HOA Street Management Services

  • Crack Sealing: Cracks allow water and grass to enter the base layer, and will eventually lead to potholes, and compromised base integrity.
  • Filling Potholes: Potholes are an inevitable part of life, especially in locations that experience extreme weather conditions such as cold and hot temperatures throughout the year. Filling potholes can provide a smooth ride through the neighborhood for all residents, and prevent water from entering the base layer and causing more damage.
  • Sealcoating: The surface of asphalt is porous, and susceptible to UV ray damage, oxidation, and deterioration from wear and tear. Sealcoating is designed to add a protective layer to extend the life of asphalt, and as an added benefit, it makes the surface look new again.

Maintaining your community’s roadways now will help save money in the future, and also provide a more enjoyable drive home. It is a good idea for HOAs to add maintenance costs into the HOA fees, and have a plan in place for the future. It may cost more now, but it will save money in the long-run, and prevention entire road reconstruction in 10 years when they are beyond repair.

We work with HOAs to set up a detailed HOA Maintenance Plan, and work within the allotted budget to maximize homeowner’s investments.

We work with HOAs to set up a detailed HOA Maintenance Plan, and work within the allotted budget to maximize homeowner’s investments.

Interested in meeting with us to get started on your HOA Maintenance Plan? Contact us below!