Religious Institution Maintenance Program

Religious Institutions have busy facilities year-round. We can help prevent interruption of activities by putting in place a Pavement Maintenance Program. Through this program, we can work together to schedule improvements to be performed at a time that will prevent disruption of service, and maintain and create a safe environment in which to better serve congregations and communities.

Our planning program takes into account special holidays that many religious institutions celebrate. We make sure that we plan for those busier times by performing parking lot marking and sealcoating before special events to ensure that the campus looks its best, and will provide a seamless experience for guests. There is nothing like a fresh coat of sealer and parking lot stripes to welcome visitors.

Often times religious institutions delay performing parking lot maintenance and repair in order to provide more social services. Additionally, many do not have the staff to handle property management. Armor Asphalt has over 20 years of experience in helping religious institutions manage the repair and maintenance of their campuses. Our professionals work closely with staff and property managers to assess the current road surface, and offer both long-term and short-term solutions that will maximize time and money spent.

In order to give back to those that nourish our community, we offer a religious institution discount.

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